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Travel insurance if you have multiple sclerosis (MS)

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travel insurance including multiple sclerosis (MS)We specialise in providing travel insurance for people with medical conditions and can cover people with MS subject to a telephone medical screening.

Any pre-existing medical condition should be declared to an insurer so that, should a claim be made, it's accepted even if it's indirectly related to the medical condition. Otherwise, you're opening yourself up to serious financial risk.

Obviously we can't guarantee to cover everyone who has multiple sclerosis (MS) - it will depend on your individual circumstances. Our experienced medical screening staff will ask you some questions and then be able to tell you if we can offer you travel insurance that includes your MS and, if so, what the price will be.

What are the travel insurance implications if your have multiple sclerosis?

Cancellation and medical expenses are the claims that, without insurance, would probably be the highest bills.

However, we also cover things like delayed or missed departures and repatriation if you need to return to the UK earlier on medical grounds.

If you're ill towards the end of your trip and you need to rearrange your return home, the policy covers extra air flights and accommodation costs. This also applies if a partner or travelling companion has stayed with you, provided they're also covered by this policy. It is therefore very important that anyone travelling with you is covered by our policy so that any claim they need to make that could be in any way regarded as linked to your MS will be met. An 'ordinary' travel insurance might decline their claim on the same grounds as they might decline a claim made by you.

It's just not worth not having specialist travel insurance that includes cover for multiple sclerosis!


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