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Travel insurance that can include cover for autism

Although autism might be considered as being different to other pre-existing medical conditions that you'd normally declare to an insurer, it's nevertheless important to declare it and have it accepted for cover.

Autism might be regarded more as a behavioural condition than a purely physical medical condition. You therefore might wonder how someone’s autism could give rise to a claim and whether or why it should be declared.

Of course, autistic behaviour can be very different from one person to another. As you’re no doubt aware, autism can cause someone to feel anxious or frustrated and this can affect their behaviour. This could be exacerbated if the person is in new surroundings, for example, being on holiday.

It's relevant to travel insurance if, for example, someone's behaviour as a result of their anxiety or frustration were to cause them or someone else to be injured. If this gives rise to a travel insurance claim, any insurer is going to investigate the circumstances of the claim. If the insurer were to decide that the claim was directly or even indirectly linked to someone's autism, it will probably be declined unless the person's autism has been declared and accepted for cover.

Finding travel insurance that includes autism can be difficult. Many policies won't consider including it in their cover. However, we've made it our point to specialise in providing travel insurance for people with a very wide range of pre-existing medical conditions. Autism would be regarded as a pre-existing condition and so it's important to declare it and try to have it included in any travel insurance you take out.

Maybe you're working through a list of companies that you hope will include autism in their cover. It's quite possible you've been told that it can't be covered or, if it can, that you've been quoted a very high price. Maybe you are becoming more disheartened as you work your way down your list. Well, hopefully your search will end here!

Obviously we can't guarantee to provide travel insurance to everyone with autism - it will depend on individual circumstances, which is why we need to ask some questions about someone's situation. Please click on the link above and go through our medical screening process. You'll be given a quotation if we can provide cover and you can book online. Your travel insurance documents will be e mailed to you immediately.