Travel insurance if you have back pain or back problems

Don't risk travelling with back pain -

Unless, of course, you take out our specialist travel insurance to covet it!


Travel insurance if you have back pain or back problems

If you have back pain, you want to be able to go on holiday, knowing that should you need medical treatment because of your back condition, your travel insurance will cover it.

You want to be able to enjoy your holiday and the last thing you want to be worrying about and stressing over is what the medical bill is going to be if you haven’t taken out travel insurance that you know is going to cover any claims related to your back pain. You need to focus on getting better.

There are many causes of back pain; some are chronic conditions, others much more acute. Whichever kind you have, it’s important to declare it to an insurer as it’s regarded as a pre-existing medical condition.

If you don’t declare a medical condition and then make a claim that’s directly or even indirectly related to it, it’s likely the claim will be declined. The insurers need to take pre existing medical conditions into account when assessing whether they can offer cover for them and, if so, the premium.

Just because you have a back condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean the premium is going to be much higher. It will depend on a range of factors that will be considered.

Maybe you're working through a list of companies that you hope will include your back condition in their cover. It's quite possible you've been told that it can't be covered or, if it can, that you've been quoted a very high price. Maybe you are becoming more disheartened as you work your way down your list. Well, hopefully your search will end here!

We specialise in providing travel insurance for people with medical conditions and can quote for virtually any kind of medical situation.

Obviously we can't guarantee to provide travel insurance to everyone with back problems or back pain - it will depend on your individual circumstances.

Simply click on the link above to go through our online medical screening. If we can provide cover for you, you'll be able to book online and your documents will be sent to you immediately.