Travel insurance if you have blood pressure

Specialist travel insurance

Even if your blood pressure is well controlled, it's important to declare it


Specialist holiday travel insurance covering blood pressure/hypertension

We often cover people who have hypertension by our travel insurance.

Some people with high blood pressure mistakenly think that because the condition is well controlled by medication and their blood pressure has come within what would be regarded as 'normal', that this doesn't constitute a medical condition. However, the fact that medication is being taken for the condition, does mean it must be declared and accepted by us in order that any claims directly or indirectly related to it are covered. It's really not worth the risk of it not being covered.

We specialise in providing travel insurance for people who have pre-existing medical conditions. In fact, we receive referrals from hospitals, GPs, clinics and medical charities from all over the UK.

In order for us to be able to include your blood pressure in our travel insurance policy we do need to ask you some questions about it. This enables us to understand your particular situation. The quickest and easiest way is to go through our online medical screening process by clicking the button. This also keeps down our costs and the premiums.

What are the travel insurance implications if you have hypertension?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of those conditions that can be the cause of others eg a heart attack or stroke being the two most common. It's vitally important. therefore, that you declare your hypertension to us. As long as we have said we will include it in our travel insurance for you, then things like medical costs will be covered.

Included in this will be air ambulance transportation if that's necessary, which otherwise could run into thousands of pounds.

If you're unfortunate enough not to be able to return home when planned, we will also cover the costs of rearranging your return trip and costs associated with extending your accommodation needs. This would also apply if a partner or travelling companion stayed with you. It is therefore very important that anyone travelling with you is covered by our policy so that any claim they need to make that could be in any way regarded as linked to your hypertension will be met. An 'ordinary' travel insurance might decline their claim on the same grounds as they might decline a claim made by you.