Travel Insurance for High Cholesterol/Hypercholesterolaemia

Heightened cholesterol?

Even if well-controlled, it's still a pre-existing condition that needs to be declared


Holiday travel insurance if you have heightened cholesterol

We regularly provide travel insurance to people who have raised or controlled cholesterol.

Even if your cholesterol level is well controlled by medication, it's still regarded as being a pre-existing medical condition and one that is chronic ie ongoing. 'Ordinary' travel insurance is usually not designed to include cover when someone has a pre-existing medical condition. This means that should you need medical attention or need to cancel for any reason that's directly or indirectly linked to your cholesterol, that kind of policy may well decline your claim.

We specialise in providing travel insurance for people with medical conditions. In fact, we receive referrals from hospitals, GPs, clinics and medical charities from all over the UK.

Obviously we can't guarantee to cover everyone with raised cholesterol - it will depend on your individual circumstances. Our online medical screening process will ask you some questions and then let you know if our travel insurance can include cholesterol-related claims.

What are the travel insurance implications if you have a heightened cholesterol level?

Raised cholesterol can sometimes be linked with other medical conditions, which is why it's vitally important that you ensure that any claims directly or indirectly related are covered. By declaring your raised cholesterol to us and having it accepted for cover, all medical costs will be covered by the policy. These could include consultations, examinations, medication and nursing care.

If you're unable to start your trip for medical reasons, the costs you've incurred will also be met.

If you need to re-arrange your return trip and maybe even need to stay in your accommodation for longer, these are covered by the policy. If a partner or travelling companion has stayed with you, their costs will also be met, as long as they've also booked a policy with us. It is therefore very important that anyone travelling with you is covered by our policy so that any claim they need to make that could be in any way regarded as linked to your cholesterol will be met. An 'ordinary' travel insurance might decline their claim on the same grounds as they might decline a claim made by you.