Holiday travel insurance if you have hepatitis

If you have hepatitis

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Holiday travel insurance if you have hepatitis

We regularly provide travel insurance to people who have hepatitis, be that A, B or C.

In fact, we receive referrals from hospitals, GPs, clinics and medical charities from all over the UK.

If you're travelling, travel insurance that includes cover if you have hepatitis is essential. If you don't declare that you have hepatitis when you take out insurance it's very unlikely to be covered by the policy. If you then need to make a claim that's even indirectly linked to it, it will probably be declined.

You could then be exposing yourself to serious financial risk.

Luckily, we're sepcialists in including many pre-existing medical conditions in our travel insurance policy. If you have HIV as well as heptatis, please go to our HIV specific web site ( You'll need to contact the medical screening service to declare your hepatitis to them and have it included in the policy.

Obviously we can't guarantee to cover everyone with hepatitis - it will depend on your individual circumstances, including what kind of hepatitis you have and how it has affected you.

By asking you a series of questions, we will be able to tell you if we can provide travel insurance that includes your hepatitis and, if so, provide you with a premium quote.

The quickest and easiest way is to go through our online medical screening process, which keeps down costs and therefore premiums.

What are the travel insurance implications if you have hepatitis?

This will depend on what kind of hepatitis you have.

At the very least, it will mean that once you have booked your insurance, should you be medically unfit to travel, the costs you've incurred will be met.

Most people are worried about medical costs but if we've agreed to include your hepatitis in the cover, then costs like seeing a doctor, medication, hospital care etc will also be met.

If you're not able to return home on your expected date and you need to make new travel arrangement and maybe even stay in accommodation longer, these costs will be covered - not only for you but also if a partner or travelling companion has stayed with you. It is therefore very important that anyone travelling with you is covered by our policy so that any claim they need to make that could be in any way regarded as linked to your hepatitis will be met. An 'ordinary' travel insurance might decline their claim on the same grounds as they might decline a claim made by you.