Holiday travel insurance if you have prostate cancer

If you have prostate cancer

Take out our travel insurance that includes pre-existing medical conditions


Holiday travel insurance if you have prostate cancer

We regularly provide travel insurance that includes prostate cancer (subject to a medical screening).

After your diagnosis and treatment, you may feel that you deserve to go on holiday, in order to have a break.

Whilst prostate cancer is unlikely to require you to need urgent medical attention, insurers can sometimes determine that another medical condition you might make a claim for is linked to your pre-eixsting condition. The danger is that your claim could then be declined. This leaves you open to serious financial risk. It is incredibly important to be properly insured if you have any kind of medical condition.

One of your questions may well be, therefore, how will a diagnosis of prostate cancer affect your chances of obtaining travel insurance?

We will do our best to cover you. We specialise in providing travel insurance that can include a wide range of medical conditions. We receive referrals from hospitals, GPs, clinics and medical charities from all over the UK.

We will ask you a series of questions, for example, what treatment you have received, what kind, whether it's finished (and, if so, how long ago), whether you're travelling within Europe or further afield. We need to understand your situation as clearly as possible.

The quickest and easiest way is to go through our online medical screening process, which keeps down costs and therefore premiums.

What are the travel insurance implications if I have prostate cancer?

It's important to have cancellation cover in place when you've booked your holiday. This means that if you become ill and are unable to even begin your trip, costs such as air fares and accommodation will be met.

You will be covered for medical costs, as with an 'ordinary' travel insurance policy. However, if you've declared your prostate cancer to us and we've accepted it for cover, claims directly or indirectly related to it will also be covered. Of course, if you need treatment because you get another illness (which you didn't have before) or have an accident, they will also be covered.

What claims might you need to make that you should ensure you're covered for?

As well as cancellation and medical costs, which we've mentioned above, if you become ill towards the end of your holiday and are unable to travel back on the date you'd arranged, you will need to arrange new return travel. You might need to book further accommodation until you're ready to return home.

Remember, if a partner or travelling companion is with you, they will have these extra costs, too. It is therefore very important that anyone travelling with you is covered by our policy so that any claim they need to make that could be in any way regarded as linked to your prostate cancer will be met. An 'ordinary' travel insurance might decline their claim on the same grounds as they might decline a claim made by you.

In our opinion, it's simply not worth booking your trip without obtaining specialist travel insurance that includes cover for prostate cancer.