Holiday travel insurance if you have had a transplant

If you've had a transaplant

You need to have our specialist policy if you'r travelling


Hoiday travel insurance if you have had a transplant

Finding travel insurance that includes cover if you have had a transplant can be difficult. We specialise in providing travel insurance for people with medical conditions.

Maybe you're working through a list of companies that you hope will include cover if you have had a transplant. It's quite possible you've been told that it can't be covered or, if it can, that you've been quoted a very high price. Maybe you are becoming more disheartened as you work your way down your list. Well, hopefully your search will end here!

Obviously we can't guarantee to cover everyone who has had a transplant - it will depend on your individual circumstances.

We will therefore need to ask you some questions, which will give us an understanding of your individual circumstances.

The quickest and easiest way is to go through our online medical screening process, which keeps down costs and therefore premiums.