Cheap holiday travel insurance - but not compromising quality!

Cheap holiday travel insurance

We have different policies depending on your circumstances. Simply click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page to obtain your quotation and to book online.

Cheap holiday travel insurance needn't mean lower quality!

We all want cheap travel insurance but no-one can afford a policy that is cheap in the sense of being inferior. It's important to be sure that what's important to you is included in the cover provided. There are often different levels of cover available (with different prices to match). For example, some cheaper options won't insure you against loss or theft of money. If you're not bothered about that, then fine; but if you want to include that kind of cover, check that the policy you're buying includes it.

Our travel insurance is truly comprehensive and it's also flexible in terms of what it includes. All options cover what we consider are the most important situations to include. We hope you'll never find yourself in any of them - but that's precisely why we take out insurance!

Our travel insurance can include cover for:

  • Single trips - cover on a trip-by-trip basis
  • Any number of trips in a year under an annual, multi-trip policy
  • Medical expenses if you become ill, need treatment etc
  • Repatriation - if it's medically necessary to get you back to the UK (will also cover costs incurred by a travelling companion if they're also insured with us
  • Delayed or missed departure
  • Abandonment of your trip
  • Natural disasters
  • Loss or theft of baggage and personal items
  • Loss of medication
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Lots more!

You can read a summary of our cover and the full policy wording when you click below and go to our booking page.

We have different travel insurance policies:

  • if you have no pre-existing medical conditions;
  • if you do have one or more medical conditions that need to be covered
  • Backpacker insurance
  • If you've already left the UK and forgotten to take out insurance or if you're away and your current insurance expires

It's very important that you understand what an insurer would consider to be a pre-existing medical condition. If a condition isn't declared and accepted for cover by an insurer, there's a real danger that if a claim is made that's even indirectly related to the condition, it could be declined. Click here to read more about pre-existing medical conditions.