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Epilepsy Travel Insurance

Specialist travel and holiday insurance if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy

Travel insurance with epilepsy

Our policies are tailored towards covering pre-existing medical conditions and this includes epilepsy and seizures. Approximately 600,000 people in the UK are prescribed anti-epileptic drugs and these can range from precautionary medication due to a brain condition or those who suffer from more prolonged seizures. We understand the importance of finding appropriate travel insurance to cover your condition whilst travelling, as seizures can be triggered for many reasons including fatigue, excitement and anxiety.

Here at It's So Easy we appreciate the importance of maintaining your routine and even if you lose your medication our medical assistance team will be available to help you get the treatment you need! Although it can be difficult for those who have suffered seizures recently to obtain travel insurance, we will always endeavour to insure you but in the rare circumstance that cover is not available online, please give us a call to speak to an experienced member of our team who can look into your individual case and evaluate whether any of our sister companies can provide the cover you need. 

Travel insurance after suffering a seizure 

It is important to inform us of your diagnosis, treatment and any related complications so that we can provide a fully comprehensive insurance policy, meaning that if you were to suffer an epileptic fit or seizure your policy will cover for emergency medical treatment abroad or cancellation if you are no longer fit to travel.

For tips on how to stay safe travelling with a pre-existing medical condition it's always best to consult your GP before you set off, as they are based placed to offer advice based on your previous medical history.

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for

travel insurance

Applying for travel insurance with epilepsy

You can apply for travel and holiday insurance through our online quote journey or over the phone with our friendly UK call centre. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and you can rest assured that all information remains confidential. If you need assistance obtaining a quote, we provide an online chat where one of our travel insurance agents will guide you through the process or you can call us on 01223 785 512.


We offer a variety of specialist travel insurance policies, from cover for pre-existing medical conditions to policies for those already travelling abroad. Click ‘Start Quote Journey’ to obtain a quote online. You will be presented with several policy options which direct you to a dedicated information page, explaining the cover details and benefits. Once you’ve found the policy suitable for your travel requirements, click the ‘Get Online Quote’ button to complete your details.

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