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Oops... did you travel without insurance? Get cover with our Left UK policy 

Already travelling travel insurance

Travel and holiday insurance for UK residents who have already left the UK

There is a 48 hour waiting period before the insurance takes full effect if cover is purchased after you have left home to commence your trip. Learn more.

Already travelling insurance

Have you found yourself abroad without insurance cover? Perhaps your existing policy has lapsed, leaving you uninsured on your holiday? Don't panic, the team at ISETI can get you back on track. 


Many insurers limit the number of days they can provide cover for, so if you've already been on your trip for a long time and want to extend, you may breach the maximum duration available under your cover and be left without insurance. This is where we can step in and look to offer cover despite you already being outside of the UK.


Left the UK cover is available for up to 365 days, providing you are under the age of 65. The following restrictions will apply for over 65's:


 66 to 69 years: 93 days 

 70 to 74 years: 62 days

 75 to 79 years: 31 days


In order to purchase Left the UK cover with ISETI, you must be a UK passport holder with unrestricted entry to the UK. You must also be registered with a GP in the United Kingdom, ensuring your medical records are accessible in the event of a claim. 


You will be unable to travel to any country or destination where advice against all or all but essential travel exists from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office or government, doing so will invalidate your insurance policy. You can find out more by visiting

48 hours until your cover becomes effective

If cover has been taken out after you have left home to commence your trip, there is a waiting period of 48 hours before the insurance takes full effect. During this 48 hour period, cover under Section 3 is limited to serious injury caused in an accident that can be verified by an Independent Witness. Cover excludes any other illness or injury existing or occurring during this 48 hour period. Cover for Section 6 (Baggage and personal belongings) is also excluded during this period.


Please read the policy wording for full terms and conditions.

Travel with peace of mind

How to apply for

travel insurance

Applying for travel insurance after you've left home

Getting a travel insurance quote after you've left home is really easy. Simply click one of the quote buttons on this page and you'll be directed to our customer quote journey. Here, you'll need to select 'Single Trip Left UK'. The quote journey will guide you to entering the period of cover you require, your destination, age and the number of travellers you need to insure. Continue to add optional activity cover, complete your personal details and disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. Once saved, we will send you an email with your quote summary and supporting documents.


If you would prefer to speak with a member of the ISETI team, we're available on live chat (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm) or you can call us on 01223 785 539


Looking for something else? We offer a variety of travel insurance policies, designed to cover your every need. Whether you're going on a one way trip or have pre-existing medical conditions, we can find a policy for you.

Frequently asked questions

What is the 'waiting period' on Left the UK policies?

When you purchase a travel insurance policy after you've left home, cover is normally subject to a 'waiting period'. During this waiting period, cover will be limited under certain sections of the policy. Please refer to the policy wording to read more about the 48 hour waiting period applicable to Left the UK policies with ISETI.

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