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Asthma Travel Insurance

Specialist travel and holiday insurance for people diagnosed with asthma and respiratory conditions 

Travel insurance for asthma 

There is one person with asthma in every five households - that's more than 5.2 million people in the UK alone, but just because asthma is a common condition, that does not mean it's automatically covered when it comes to travel insurance and it's certainly something you should mention to your insurance provider. Most insurers will ask if you have ever suffered from a respiratory condition on a lifelong basis and it could be easy to forget your mild asthma, especially if you haven't experienced symptoms for many years. However, it's vital that you declare this to your insurance provider to ensure you are fully covered in the event of a claim.

Providing you have declared your asthma during our medical screening process, we will make sure you get the help required in the unfortunate event that you lose your inhalers abroad or suffer a flare up and need to visit a doctor. Something as minor as perfume, paint fumes or allergies to animals can cause a serious reaction in some asthma suffers and our 24 hour emergency medical assistance team will be on hand to help with any necessary medical treatment. 

Travel and holiday insurance for asthma sufferers

During our quote journey you may be required to answer some questions about your asthma, which allows us to determine the severity of your condition. These questions will include the number of prescribed medication you have and whether you've had any hospital admissions over a set period of time. If you have any trouble answering these or feel there is not a suitable answer available to choose from, we have a dedicated, friendly and experienced team on hand to help you every step of the way on 01223 785 512.

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for

travel insurance

Applying for travel insurance with asthma

You can apply for travel and holiday insurance through our online quote journey or over the phone with our friendly UK call centre. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and you can rest assured that all information remains confidential. If you need assistance obtaining a quote, we provide an online chat where one of our travel insurance agents will guide you through the process or you can call us on 01223 785 512.


We offer a variety of specialist travel insurance policies, from cover for pre-existing medical conditions to policies for those already travelling abroad. Click ‘Start Quote Journey’ to obtain a quote online. You will be presented with several policy options which direct you to a dedicated information page, explaining the cover details and benefits. Once you’ve found the policy suitable for your travel requirements, click the ‘Get Online Quote’ button to complete your details.

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