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Anaphylaxis Travel Insurance

Specialist travel and holiday insurance if you have been diagnosed with anaphylaxis or allergies

Travel insurance with anaphylaxis

Whether you suffer from minor and more common allergies such as hayfever, or have more severe reactions known as anaphylaxis, we can provide a comprehensive travel insurance policy to include cover for your medical condition. Over 20% of the population are affected by one or more allergic disorders so it's important that you have a stock of your prescribed medications or EpiPen in case you have an allergic reaction whilst travelling.


If you have been diagnosed with allergies or had a anaphylaxis reaction it's important that you declare your condition to your travel insurers which in most cases would not greatly affect the premium, but will ensure you are fully covered for anything that could be directly or indirectly related with the most common symptoms being sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing and coughing/asthma symptoms. Where most allergic reactions are mild, occasionally a severe reaction called an anaphylactic shock can occur which would require urgent medical treatment.

Allergic reaction travel insurance

Our main concern is providing you with adequate cover for your personal needs and that's why we won't sell a policy unless we can cover you for everything, including pre-existing medical conditions. Regular travel insurance is not usually designed to include cover for a pre-existing medical condition, even if your prescription is only precautionary. This means that should you require medical attention or need to cancel for any reason that’s directly or indirectly linked to your allergies, a regular policy may well decline your claim. If you’re planning a holiday and have allergies, regardless of how well your symptoms are controlled, it’s important to obtain cover including any pre-existing conditions and to declare this at the time of taking out travel insurance which would ensure that any possible complications are covered.


When travelling abroad you should always make sure that you have your medication to hand. If you have an EpiPen, it's worthwhile consulting your GP and obtaining a written letter to state you must always carry this with you, especially during flight.


We all travel abroad to share new experiences; in a foreign country you may find yourself more susceptible to foreign pollution and plants unique to where you have travelled to and if you have a food allergy be very particular with what you eat. If you have severe allergies it's recommended that you wear an allergy bracelet to bypass any potential language barriers.

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for

travel insurance

Applying for travel insurance with allergies

You can apply for travel and holiday insurance through our online quote journey or over the phone with our friendly UK call centre. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and you can rest assured that all information remains confidential. If you need assistance obtaining a quote, we provide an online chat where one of our travel insurance agents will guide you through the process or you can call us on 01223 785 512.


We offer a variety of specialist travel insurance policies, from cover for pre-existing medical conditions to policies for those already travelling abroad. Click ‘Start Quote Journey’ to obtain a quote online. You will be presented with several policy options which direct you to a dedicated information page, explaining the cover details and benefits. Once you’ve found the policy suitable for your travel requirements, click the ‘Get Online Quote’ button to complete your details.

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