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Crohns Disease Travel Insurance

Specialist travel and holiday insurance if you have been diagnosed with crohns disease

Travel insurance with crohns disease 

Crohns disease is one of the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease or IBD (the other main form if IBD is a condition known as ulcerative colitis) As this condition is sometimes described as chronic and can cause serious complications, it can be difficult to obtain travel insurance. Here at It's So Easy, we have been covering people living with crohns and other serious conditions that can affect the bowel for years! We consider all medical conditions and we will ask the appropriate questions to determine the severity of your condition. On the occasion that we cannot provide a quote online, please give us a call to talk this over with a medically aware member of our team who will be able to assess all of your cover options. We will be sure to exhaust all options before sending any customer away without an insurance policy.


At the moment there is no cure for crohns disease; drugs and sometimes surgery can give long periods of relief from symptoms. Whether you have routine infusions, medication or a history of bowel obstruction we will always explore the possibility of offering you travel insurance to cover any unexpected claims that may arise related to your condition. 

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Crohns disease travel and holiday insurance

Our policies will not only provide that much needed reassurance that in the event of a medical emergency abroad you will be covered but we can also provide cover for cancellation of your trip if you were to suffer from a flare up of crohns or IBD, which meant your doctor advised you not to travel. As everyone experiences a different severity of symptoms with crohns disease, we go through the process of a medical screening so we account for your individual circumstances and quote accordingly.

It is estimated that crohns disease affects about 1 in every 650 people in the UK and we want to ensure travel and travel insurance is accessible. 

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for travel insurance

How to apply for

travel insurance

Applying for travel insurance with crohns

You can apply for travel and holiday insurance through our online quote journey or over the phone with our friendly UK call centre. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and you can rest assured that all information remains confidential. If you need assistance obtaining a quote, we provide an online chat where one of our travel insurance agents will guide you through the process or you can call us on 01223 785 512.

We offer a variety of specialist travel insurance policies, from cover for pre-existing medical conditions to policies for those already travelling abroad. Click ‘Start Quote Journey’ to obtain a quote online. You will be presented with several policy options which direct you to a dedicated information page, explaining the cover details and benefits. Once you’ve found the policy suitable for your travel requirements, click the ‘Get Online Quote’ button to complete your details.

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