Loss of Baggage & Personal Items

Baggage and Personal Items

What does your insurance cover?

Loss of Baggage & Personal Items

One of the most important elements of travel insurance is cover if your baggage and/or personal items are lost, stolen or damaged. Claims can range from just one item to an entire suitcase and can include valuable items. The lost or theft of these items is not only inconvenient but can be detrimental to your travel plans.

It’s So Easy provide a wide range of travel insurance policies so to read specific benefits and exclusions, you will need to refer to your individual policy wording. If you have not yet purchased a policy, you can view the policy wording on the individual pages accessed from the ‘Choose Your Travel Insurance’ tab.

There are some important things to consider regarding baggage and personal items:

  • Everyone has a duty of care, so any insurer would expect someone to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and supervision of their belongings. For example, keeping items in the locked boot or glove compartment of a car, rather than in view on a seat and not to leave items unattended in a public place or where the public has access.
  • If items are lost or stolen, the incident needs to be reported to the police within 24 hours and a crime number obtained.
  • If baggage has been lost in transit, you need to inform the carrier (eg airline, shipping company etc) immediately and obtain a written carrier's report (or Property Irregularities Report in the case of an airline) within 7 days of the discovery of damage or loss.
  • Please read the definition of Valuables in your policy wording. Valuables are covered not only up to a maximum value per item but in total. Travel insurance is not intended to cover the full costs of expensive items, such a laptops and cameras.
  • For more expensive items such as those considered ‘valuables’, it’s always worth checking your home and contents insurance for cover outside of the home.